Alumni Interview Request Form

  • While we recommend interviews, they are not required for admission to Kenyon.
  • If you have already completed an interview, you do not need to request an alumni interview. 
  • Alumni interviews are limited to high school seniors who reside outside the state of Ohio.
  • We will begin matching available interviewers as requests are received; it is
    our goal to have made all alumni interview matches by early February.
  • Please watch your email inbox for contact instructions. You will receive an email directing
    you to contact a Kenyon alumna/us in your area. Note that it is your responsibility to contact
    the alumna/us and schedule a meeting of mutual convenience.
  • We will make a diligent effort to match all interview requests. However, given a limited
    resource of available interviewers in certain geographic regions, we may not be able to
    meet all requests. Please note that if we are unable to fill your request, your
    territory director will work with you to explore other options.
  • Alumni interviews are not only a way to find out more about Kenyon (and for Kenyon to
    find out more about you), they are also a means to demonstrate significant interest in Kenyon.

Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.